Kansas City, Missouri

Welcome to MindMixer Kansas City. There are currently three projects happening in the area. Click on the map below to visit each and start adding your ideas to our Topics.

The City of Kansas City, Missouri is divided into 18 areas for which individual “area plans” are being prepared.  These plans implement the policies of the FOCUS Kansas City Plan on an area-basis, recommend strategies to help realize a community’s long-range vision for the future and provide a comprehensive framework to guide public policy on land use, housing, infrastructure, community development, and public services.  Area plans are both proactive (identify actions and strategies) and reactive (provide criteria to evaluate proposals and assist decision-making.) The Midtown / Plaza Area Plan The Swope Area Plan The Little Blue Valley Area Plan
In addition to traditional public meetings held to gather the input of residents, a new tool called “MindMixer” will allow citizens to  submit ideas about what they would do to make each sub-area a better place to live, work, and play from their computer. MindMixer is a virtual town hall service that makes it easy to participate in community discussions and shape the future of their community.


Visit our MindMixer Projects in Kansas City.
The following map of Kansas City, Missouri identifies the boundaries of each sub-area for which a plan is currently being conducted. Click on the name of the sub-area to join the discussion!  It is easy and fun and will allow you to make a difference about the future of your area.
The Midtown / Plaza Area Plan The Midtown / Plaza Area Plan The Midtown / Plaza Area Plan